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Guest Post - Eileen from The Sneakerette - Sophisticated Chic

posted by Sara ♥


*Hey everyone! So from today, for a week, my blog is going to be taken over by a bunch of awesome girls who are super kindly filling in for me by doing guest posts while I'm away on holiday =] Right now I should be sitting in my caravan enjoying the pretty countryside scenery zoom past me =] So today's post was very kindly written by the amazingly talented Eileen from The Sneakerette. Over to you then! =]*


Essence Irreplaceable 

I like my polishes how I like my sneakers -- boldfunky, and fresh. I tend to stray from all nude shades in general because I get bored easily, and nude is not the most exciting shade, in my opinion. I'll admit that I like them on others, but they're not the kind of shade I would go for.
That being said, here's a nude polish that I snatched up without hesitation: Essence Irreplaceable. The color itself is okay, but what drew me into this polish were the pale yellow shimmers that make it your not-so-average nude. For a unique, 0.99 cent polish with great consistency, Irreplaceable is a nude definitely worth checking out.


*Thanks so much for that Eileen! I also usually don't like nude polishes and don't own a single one, but this one does look beautiful!  Must try to get my hands on it asap =P Btw, all you guys NEED to check out Eileen's blog, her photography is incredible!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow's guest post, written up by the lovely Beauty Shades!*


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