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My new pretties =]

posted by Sara ♥


Ozotic Pro 505 (Eclipse) and Ozotic Pro 528 (Elytra).

Need I say any more...?!

Nope. Lets just dive straight ahead to the super enlarged photos! =P


Sooo pretty.......

 Reminds me of when cars leak oil all over the road and it leaves that beautiful rainbow of colours behind.....

Ridiculously pretty right?! 

Go grab a tissue like NOW. You'v got sticky gloopy stuff pouring all down your face.... =P

Uber close-ups of the gorgeousness these bottle contain.... =]

Feeling a little light headed yet...?! Lol every time I look at a bottle I literally get a headache because I end up bringing it super close to my face and roll it over again and again.... they'r just such hypnotic polishes!

I bought these on the day I found out I passed my first year of uni.... and boy am I glad I did! These were pretty expensive, but I felt like treating myself =] 

Tomorrow i'l be showing you my mani that I did with these polishes =] I hope you'l drop by to take a look =]



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