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Bollywood Bridal Nails??

posted by Sara ♥


Hello lovelies!

When I posted my haul post, the wonderful Little Miss Sparkles asked me if I could do a swatch of China Glaze's Ruby Pumps. So of course I listened, and I got swatching!
But as I was painting it on, I though OMG this is such a pretty pretty polish and I just couldn't bear to take it all off straight away! So I turned it into a full mani, and it ended up looking like this =]
By the way, I think you you should all click on the photos to get a closer look at the glitter in this polish because its actually incredible!

My mum walked over to me after I had just completed the mani and said, "Oooh love the bridal nails, however we'r not off to any weddings soon. Btw can you come and help everyone sort out the carpet we'r fitting into your bedroom?" =P
Being an Asian girl I instantly knew she was talking about Indian weddings lol but it wasn't the look I was specifically aiming for! Hmmmm... she is right though, it does look very Bollywood indeed =]

Here's another picture I took just for the fun of it, and I actually really like it!

So Ruby Pumps is one of the most amazing polishes I have ever used! Its a dark red jelly LOADED with tiny red glitter particles that glow and can give a slightly gold tinge to the polish. Seriously I can't stop looking at my nails under different lights because the polish manages to look different every time and never fails to amaze me =]

So that's all from me for now. Tell me what you think of this polish and do you like the mani I'v done??



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