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Guest Post - Beauty Shades - Nail Design Leaves and Eye Makeup Look Sleek Bad Girl

posted by Sara ♥


*Hey hey again! Today the awesome Beauty Shades is taking over my page to show you lot her wonderful nail art and pretty eye makeup =] Over to you sweetie!*


Hello Lovelies!

I am Beautyshades and today I am posting for the first time as a guest on this beautiful blog from Sara. I‘d like to thank Sara for having me as one of her “Guest Bloggers” J

I had to think about something pretty to post for Sara's followers. Since I love doing nail art and eyes makeup. I decided to do both, one nail art and one eyes makeup. Both of them are very simple to do as sometimes we do not have time to do complicated makeup or nail art J. Starting with the nail art I did a stamping nail art. I think this is a cute design for the summer with the green leaves and the peachy pastel base colour.

Products I used:

Revlon Peach Smoothie nail polish

Konad Green nail art stamping polish (Sorry forgot to take picture)

Bundle monster stamping plate (BM 19)

Gosh magic Star nail polish (used as top coat)

Now for the eyes I did a dramatic eyes look, nice for a night out.

Eyes makeup products used:

Elf mineral eyeshadow base

(Lid) Rimmel colour mousse eye shadow snow queen

(Lid) Sleek bad girl palette (blade)

(Crease) Sleek bad girl palette (obnoxious)

(Highlight) Sleek bad girl palette (innocence)

*On the sleek bad girl palette picture. The eye shadow's that have a star are the ones I used for the tutorial.
I hope you all enjoyed my post J
*Thank you so much Beauty Shades! I certainly did enjoy that and i'm pretty sure all you lovelies did too? =] What a pretty nail design, you'v motivated me to use that image from my BM set too now! And I'm def going to try out that eye look soon =] So peeps, what did you think of that? Oh and don't forget to visit Beauty Shades blog!!! Also make sure you don't miss tomorrows post, super kindly written by my close friend from Uni, which is going to be very very different to what any of you might be expecting... that's all i'm going to say for now... =P*


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