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Guest Post - My Friend From Uni, Bissy - Fave Band BOTDF

posted by Sara ♥

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*Hey all! Yep my page is once more being taken over by a lovely someone! This time that someone is my very good friend Bissy who I met in Uni. Bissy isn't her real name lol... it's just a silly nickname i'v decided to give her =P She doesn't have a blog but does have a super-cool-crazy-awesome YouTube channel, so check it out! So you may remember that at the end of yesterday's post I mentioned that today's post is going to be nothing like what any of you might expect...?? Well I think i'm right about this! Hehe keep reading to find out what the heck i'm going on about =P Over to you Bissy!*


Errrmm... Hi boys and girls! XD I'm.. rockcherry2 o_o Errrr yeh thats my username on youtube so check it out HERE
First of all I want to thank Sara for actually considering and posting this on her blog and for being an amazing person and great nail artist.. so THANK YOU SARA! <3 :D 
In this so called 'guest post' I'm going to be talking about my favourite band which is..... 
Blood On The Dance Floor! (BOTDF) *_* 

*picture credit Google images*

The first time I heard one of their songs was in an anime music video (amv) on youtube and when those magical sound waves traveled into my ears I had to find out what song it was! I soon found out it was Candyland :) Sara won't let me put up the video for this.... because its too um... inappropriate lol, so instead here's a video for one of my fave songs by them.... My Gift and My  Curse:

I tried to find other songs by this band and found some pictures of them too! =O When I saw them I was like.. wow ._. their look is perfect I love it! Dark but colourful at the same time and not like Lady Gaga or other mainstream 'artists'. XP
The band consists of Dahvie Vanity (he has longer hair than Jayy) and Jayy von monroe. 
Their songs have a great beat to it especially 'Candyland' and their lyrics are.. well they are different and can be sexual but they have great meanings too! 

One of the greatest reasons why their fans love them so much is because they love their fans so much! I cannot begin to tell you how many things they have done for their fans... they actually talk to their fans while they are waiting for tickets to their concerts and they take pictures and hug them all.... They have made a special group for all the fans called the 'slash gash terror crew' (SGTC) and every single one of their fans is part of the family and respected, they are nice and down to earth people they will never make anyone feel bad.. their lyrics encourage their fans to stand up for what they beleive in and not to care what haters think.


Jayy and a fan :) *image credit Google images*

Dahvie and fans :) *image credit Google images*

They actually REPLY to their fans.. both of them have replyed to me personally more than once! That is why they are also called 'the fans band'! They have a facebook and twitter (and youtube) which they regularly update and use to communicate with their fans. They 'like' and comment on videos and posts which the fans have made for them and they never push their fans, unlike Justin Beiber :P They have prevented many teenagers from committing suicide by giving them advise and love and telling them to never give up! And the money they make is used to improve their music and concerts so the fans can enjoy it better! 

Another reason I love them is their awesome GAME MUSIC!! ^____^

Aaahhh the good old days when gaming was my life.. :')

Well there is probably a lot more I want to talk about... especially Jayy von monroe *_* but I think I should stop now XD
I'l be amazed if anyone does read this post up to here haha.. well if you did thank you! And to finish off.. some lyrics from the amazing, one and only, BOTDF ^^ :
Options set to difficult 
Love a challenge Typical 
Raging through my enemies 
Kicking a** so happily 
Supernova bend you over to the lava 
Game Over!

XD Bye ;P


*Ohkay.... I hope you'r all not too freaked out! =P Haha! I have to say though, I'm not into this band... they'r just wayy too creepy for me lol =P I think i'l just stick to my Gaga =] Anyway THANK YOU Bissy for this cool-but-seriously-kinda-random-freaky-awesome post =] Lol! Alright we'r going to get uhm... back to normal lol tomorrow when the awesome Carrie from Reflections, Sassy Nails and Silly Diversions takes over to show you all some of her brilliant nail art designs =]*

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