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Some late and some latest hauls =P

posted by Sara ♥


Hey everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday? =]

Today I'l be showing you some haulage =P

Last Thursday I got my University results back and I found out that I passed everything! YAY! =] As soon as I found out I went straight to Picture Polishes website and ordered Ozotic Pro 506 and Ozotic Pro Elytra 528 =] Hey, they were on sale and I wanted to treat myself =] Lol I can't wait to show you all when I receive them!
Later on the same day me and bestie hit the shops and here's some of the things that I bought:

Ok time to break it down...

The nail stuff =] I bought all three Barry M crackles, a Miss Sporty metallic shade that will be perfect for stamping with and a new MUA pro crackle polish in the dark purple shade. I also stopped by in Pound Land and spotted this nail sticker thing which I should be reviewing soon =]

Next up are these two eyeliners; Maybelline's Lasting Drama gel liner and a new Barry M Wink marker pen for eyes. I'v tried out the Barry M one and have to say that its absolutely brilliant!

I also bought a tropical Batiste shampoo (smells soooo good! =P) and a hand cream recommended to me by my friend =] So far I'm loving it and it is seriously non-greasy!

Ok so that was that... the next one is an internet haul =] All these polishes were bought over the period of about a month and so once I got them all together I thought I'd show you all instead of one bottle at a time! 

Break it down cha =P

The OPI's =] All were ordered from ebay (with the exception of one of the OPI's), different sellers and different prices. I bid on most of these. Top row, Katy Perry mini's. Bottom row, La paz-itively Hot (this is the one not from ebay.... or any internet site actually so I don't know why I decided to include it here lol =P Anyway I found this beauty for £1 at a car boot!!! Woo!), Simply Smashing, Siberian Nights and DS series Sapphire.

The China Glazes =] These were also from ebay but not bid on. Ruby Pumps, Lighthouse, Pelican Grey and Strawberry Fields.

The MoYou stamping polishes =] Basically I ordered 3 and when they arrived one was broken. I was going to complain, but kind of forgot and miraculously, a few days later three more intact ones arrived suddenly!  It was weird but oh well... i'm not complaining! =P

The Nubars =] Eeeek these are my first Nubars ever! 2010 which is a pearly sparkly flakie and Treasure which is a dark purple holo! Again both are from ebay.

The Randoms =] Lol they had no category so I bunched 'em together! Del Sol Beach Bum and Avon Ice Sheers Refreshing Pear (scented polish) both from ebay. The middle Rimmel one called Starlet is one that my best friend decided to give to me =]

The Revlons =] I bought these both from the lovely Makeup Savvy's blogsale. Silver and Cotton Candy which is scented.

The Gosh's =]  Gosh Holographic which I got for a pound! I bought it from Little Miss Giggles blog sale because... well how could I not! Lol I needed a backup too so thank god I didn't have to purchase a £30 bottle from ebay! =] But what I did have to buy from ebay was the Fix Base coat.

So those were my hauls =] Buttt, there's one polish that's actually missing from here because it's so special i'm going to keep you guys in suspense about it until I show it in my next post =]
Haha I'm so evil sometimes!! =P 
Lol no seriously I took like a gazzillion pictures of it and it just deserves a post of its own =] I was super super shocked to have bought it... because I wasn't expecting it! (That makes zero sense right?! Don't worry i'l explain it all later =])
Anyone want to take some guesses at what the polish might be???

The answer shall be revealed very soon, so stay tuned peeps =] Until next time, bye!



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