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My way of displaying my nail polishes =]

posted by Sara ♥


Hey all!

So this isn't a typical 'stash' post because I haven't had any time lately to make one since i'v been so busy sorting out my bedroom, but if you guys really want to see my entire polish collection I will do a post just for you =]

Anyway, a couple of days ago I showed you all some video's of my new bed =] And I also told you that I arranged my polishes on the top shelf of mine and that i'l share the pics with you.... so that's what i'm about to do! =]

Okies so my bedroom is super tiny and I had to stand literally in the hallway to capture this photo!

Yep that's my bed (or desk...) =) And that is Gaga on the laptop =P

My polishes!!!! =))))))
And yupp I really did stand there for half an hour just to make sure I could arrange them in colour order. Lol obsessed much?! =P

I'm now going to show you close-ups of the polishes =] If you have any questions about them please just drop a comment and i'l be sure to get back to you =]

The whites/ greys/ blacks =]

The golds/ peaches/ oranges/ reds =]

The deep pinks/ light pinks =]

The light purples/ deep purples/ purple-ish blues =]

The deep blues/ light blues/ greenish blues/ greens =]

And here's a birds eye view over the pinks, just to show that there's more polishes behind the ones at the front and these include the ebay striper ones too =]

Alright so that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed having a snoop around my polish stash =P Lol 

So do you guys keep your polishes out on display or hidden away?


p.s. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all you lovely ladies who are helping me out with doing guest posts for when I'l be away on holiday =] *hugs* =]


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