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Guest Post - Carrie from Reflections, Sassy Nails, and Silly Diversions! - Mani's, Pedi's and Babies!

posted by Sara ♥


*Hello peeps! Another guest post for you all today, this time from the lovely Carrie over at Reflections, Sassy Nails, and Silly Diversions! She's written up a beautiful post for you all to enjoy, so over to you Carrie!*


Alright, so here it goes, My first guest post! I feel so nervous. I am glad I am not in public, because I would fail miserably! I am no good at public speaking let alone one on one speaking with a new person, I’d much rather type an email.
My name is Carrie, I am a mother to four brats, whoopsie, I mean great kids. I am married, I like to read-when I have the time, sew, and be lazy. Recently I found out I have a thing for nail polish. After my Cousin got me hooked on it by showing me the website My Simple little pleasures. Collette is awesome her Water Marbles are great! I then found Chloe’s Nails, all of Erika’s tape mani’s – awesome....and then I found all these other blogs....and it got deeper and deeper.
I think I have hit a plateau of sorts in the purchasing of colors. I have been buying tools though, like accent items, dotting tools, long skinny brushes, ect. I have been trying more and more art mani’s...some successful, some not so much. I think that this is my most favorite art mani  that I have done to date. Did I mention stamping, I’m still learning that though.....

Originally for this guest spot post I had wanted to do a monochromatic french tip design, like a friend of mine had suggested. It was a good idea, but I think the colors I used were not the right ones. I used China Glaze Cyberspace as a base, its from the tronica collection. I am not very fond of the formulas on these, because I think they dry too quick and then smear on the first coat unless your really really quick at applying. BUT they make awesome polishes, so shiny and holographic mightyness! It is a cross between gold and silver....like a grey/brown color almost. I then taped off the tips and used China Glaze Unplugged, a deep rich chocolate brown. So yummy looking. As an accent I used one of the new dotting tools I purchased online and polka dotted my ring finger. It looked good until this morning...then I decided I did not in fact like it. So I removed it.

So tonight I decided I better just stick to one pretty color and be done with it, but at the last minute I grabbed my pretty accent wheels....glad I did because it looks so cute! I used Orly Velvet Rope as my base, two coats. It went on good, Orly is a bit runny for my taste, but overall its nice. I then stuck a flower accent on each ring finger and topped it with two coats of Seche Vite. The Velvet Rope is a very deep eggplant/grape juice color....I guess. I am not very good at describing colors. It has sparkle in it, so very lovely. The pinkish/whiteish accent flower is like a metallic finish, changes in the light. A nice subtle girly touch.

And just because I am a funky person, and like to be creative and goofy on my toes.....

I did China Glaze Ruby Pumps with white/black/and orange for the face and paw prints. Its not very cute, it almost looks evil.....but I liked the paw prints, something I will do again on a lighter base color.
My 9 month old, Hunter, is learning how to pull up on things and stand now....so sad, he is my last and he is growing up way too fast. I will leave you with a picture of that.

Thanks so much to Sara and to you all who read this! I was really honored that I could guest post here! Thanks for reading, and let me know what you thought. Don’t forget to check out my blog as well!

<3, Carrie

*OMG isn't little Hunter just adorable??!!! Awww....! Well thank you so much Carrie for this stunning post, LOVED both your mani's and pedi too =] Make sure you guys visit Carrie's blog asap to see more of her incredible nail designs =] Okies peeps, do visit again tomorrow when the brilliant Sarah of Little Miss Sparkles will be sharing with us quite a few facts about herself... =]*


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