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Art Deco Nails =]

posted by Sara ♥


Hey everyone!

After receiving all of that awesome nail mail recently I was having a hard time trying to choose which polish to use first! But eventually, after a lot of deliberation =P I ended up choosing Jesse's Girl Midori to be the star of this mani =]

Midori is such an amazing super bright metallic lime green polish (phew, that was a mouthful! =P) which is seriously waayyyy brighter in real life!
Being metallic it's prone to brush strokes, so you have to be quite careful when applying it. I used two coats here but ended up applying three on my index and middle fingers since I messed up and got huge brush stroke marks!

Next I stamped over it in Colour Clubs Where's the Soiree using a pretty funky image from my giant stamping plate =] The design reminds me of Art Deco style decoration pieces!

I love it! =] It's so attention seeking lol!
The pattern also managed to hide a lot of the brush strokes and made it more erm, even looking =]

Lol I took this pic to show how cool it looks from afar =] I think it looks better from far than close up because some of my stamping didn't come out too well.... =/

Bonus pics of my new bag =] These pictures show the green in this polish a lot better.
I'l be showing you the bag properly tomorrow =]

Okies so that's all from me for now. Hope you liked this mani??



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