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I'm alive and well and back with some glittery nails! =]]]]

posted by Sara ♥


So firstly I have to apologise because I've been gone for like a whole month without informing you guys =(
Butttt there is a reason to why I'v been away for so long.
I'm fine and nothing happened to me, but the same can't be said for my laptop lol =P I er somehow managed to smash my laptop screen with my knee?! =S And its taken a while to get it fixed.
Luckily its all ok now and the laptop is looking and working great again, so I shall be blogging like normal =D

I can't wait to catch up with all the awesome blog posts i've missed out on and I also can't wait to show you my own posts! 
So let's get right back to it shall we?! =P


Here's a funky, cute and girly nail design inspired by THIS awesome gal.

Firstly I used a sheer pink polish as a base and then I used a gorgeous holographic pink glitter striper polish and OPI's Teenage Dream to sponge onto my nails in a gradient effect. Over this I stamped using Models Own Purple Passion for the butterflies and MoYou White Special polish for the flowers. Really simple design to do which was a lot of fun to create too!

Sorry the photos look so washed out, the design was wayyy more visible in real life. Clicking on the pics and enlarging should help in seeing all the detail better =]

Oh wanna see my smashed up laptop screen?? 

=S =S =S

I have a really bad habit (er used to have because I suddenly lost the habit after this incident! =P) where I always sit on the floor and use my laptop. So one day i'm doing just that and suddenly my phone starts ringing which was on my bed all the way on the other side of my room. So as I get up to answer it, I accidentally knocked over the laptop and stumbled and my knee landed right on the top of the screen! 
(I totally blame my bestie Sonia who was the one ringing me, this is like so her fault. =P)

It looks like an octopus. 
I should sell it to Tate Modern. A futuristic modern abstract form of digital art. Heck yea! =P

I'l talk to you all soon my amazing readers =] Love ya'll! You won't believe how much i've missed you all *sobs* Lol



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