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Glitter and Crack. Not even rehab can cure this addiction...

posted by Sara ♥


Hey eh =]

So for this mani I decided to use a Barry M polish which i'd never tried out before, called Red Glitter. Lol such an original name... =P

Its super pretty and this is two coats of solid red shiny goodness =] The only downside to this polish is that its a topcoat eater, so after about er seven coats of topcoat it still felt a little gritty to the touch. I still love the effect though, but next time I may have to use another method for application to prevent the polish drinking up my topcoats!

Did you notice anything different...? 
The way I applied this polish is different to how I normally do it! Usually I don't leave a gap between the cuticle and polish because no matter how many times i'v tried to before I'v always failed and make a huge mess lol, but this time I experimented again and succeeded =D I don't know if I like applying it this way... it's much slower than my normal way. But on a better note I had to do no clean up whatsoever! Woo!!!! Seriously I had no glitter mess anywhere so that was a super good thing =]

Ok onto the second part of this mani, and I added a layer of Sally Hansen's Crackle Overcoat in Distressed Denim. Originally I wanted a navy coloured shatter to go over the red glitter but I don't own one, so made do with the blue one which I do have. And guess what?! It turned navy! Lol I was sooo happy =P

I seriously love this look! Reminds me of a volcanic eruption, red hot lava and dark ash...
Oh and yes I forgot to take a pic of my er claw =P

So what do you think of this mani? Are you guys tired of crackle polishes or can't you, like me, get enough of them?!



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