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Update and Pretty Sparkly Duochrome Roses =]

posted by Sara ♥


Hey all! 

I haven't been able to post anything lately because I've been super busy with Uni and other stuff, so I apologise for the total lack of posts =/ Forgive me, please? 
I also haven't even been able to keep up to date with the blogs I follow but I will make sure once I get more time I'l catch up with all your amazing posts i'v missed out on. 

So how come I found time today to post? I'm ill. =( With a massive headache and sore throat and all that other good stuff so I figured since I'm not moving around doing anything I'l pass the time by posting =]

I thought today I'd show you a mani I did a little while ago which I absolutely adore, as it combines some of my fave things together... duochrome, sparkle and roses =]

So firstly I painted my nails in Accessorize's Pink Spice, a beautiful duochrome pinky red colour  which shifts from red to pink to orange to gold. 

Isn't is pretty?! The colour is very foily and soooo much brighter and sparkly in real life.

Next I used the rose design from my giant stamping plate. I stamped it onto my nails with Colour Clubs Where's the Soiree.

I love the way the colour just changes! Like one second its a bright cherry red and next its a super shiny rose gold!

So i'm in love with this mani but I want to know what you think =] Do you own Pink Spice or any of its dupes?

I'l try my best from now on to catch up with everything i'v missed out on and post regularly too since i'l get settled into uni and will have more time on my hands soon. Thank you all for being so supportive and for your uber sweet messages while I was away =] Love you all!



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