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Red and Silver Beauty

posted by Sara ♥


I don't wear red polish a lot. I don't know why, I LOVE it when I'm sporting it and always think why oh why do I not wear it more often! I think it may be because I'm scared of staining which is always a problem with shades like that.... =/
So whenever picking random polishes to wear I usually overlook my red section and move over to the blues and blacks etc. 

Anywho recently I was going off to an event with my mum and cousin and I was going to be wearing a red dress with white and silver details. So I matched my nails with it and obviously had to paint my nails red =]

My pick was the seriously amazing ONE COATER JELLY red in the form of Zoya's Kristi. Oh gosh do I love this polish.....
(click here to see it in an old mani I did a while ago, I show it by itself there.)

I then suddenly caught sight of my OPI Silver Shatter which I received in a swap a while ago by the awesome Shadow and had never used! So I thought why not try it out now =]
Here's the result:

See that tiny chip on my thumb? Well i'm actually shocked its not bigger, since this mani was photographed after a week and half of wear!!!! Yes a whole week and half!!!! Lol

As you can probably tell I LOVE crackle polishes and yes they'v gotten a bit boring now and I probs won't be buying any new ones any time soon, but I want to have as much fun as I can with the ones I already own =]

So what do you think of this mani and about crackle polishes?



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