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Glossy Red and Molten Roses...

posted by Sara ♥


Hey lovelies!

This isn't a typical spring mani using soft pastel colours like you'd expect in this season... but more like a winter design lol! It was requested to me by my best friend Sonia =) She loves deep colours with no shimmer or glitter and asked me to do a mani that she'd like. So I went and literally dived straight for my new Zoya polish called Kristi, given to me in a swap with Rachel =) It's a gorgeous true post-box red JELLY polish! And gosh it's glossy!

A'yt.... onto the mani pics:

Here I took photos with the camera flash on, but I wasn't sure about the photos as they seemed kinda weird when I was looking at them on the camera. So here's some more pics I took without using flash:

This polish is flaming amazing! Lol its such a squiggy jelly with a high gloss finish. I ♥ it! =)

And being me I had to spice it up... so I added some stamped roses onto it using the pattern from my giant plate. The polish I used for stamping is MEMEME's Pewter.

The polishes I used were Zoya Kristi and MEMEME Pewter:

So I hope you guys liked this design as much as I did?? =) Thanks for reading and I'l talk to you again soon =) 



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