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Holiday nails =)

posted by Sara ♥


Sadly i'm not off on a holiday anytime soon as I have so many exams coming up.... but at least looking at my nails reminds me of a tropical paradise with long stretches of golden beaches, sweet smelling air that makes up the breeze, cloudless bright blue skies which fill up with pink and orange when the sun decides to settle down.... =)


Lol so onto the nails!

I think that this may be my first ever attempt at sponging and freehand nail art! I used a bunch of polishes from my set of sixty nail art striper polishes I got from ebay =)

Here's some close-ups of my ring finger and middle finger nail:

Ok so to make this design I followed a video tutorial by LOVE 4 NAILS who did every nail like how I did my ring finger nail. I's just tooo lazy to do all my nails like that lol so I made my own design for the rest of the nails by randomly sponging on a load of colours and then adding the island and birds using black =)

Here's the video that I was inspired by:

Here's some more pics I took =)

So what do you think of this?? I'm seriously craving the sun now lol i'm off outside to my er... back garden to sip some cherry soda and lounge about! Byee peeps =)



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