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Magical Mani..... =)

posted by Sara ♥



Todays mani features two of my fave nail colour combos together... black and white and black and pink =)

And how is that done?... you may be wondering...

Well..... with the added magic of a truly a-m-a-z-i-n-g polish by Del Sol called Peek-A-Boo I can change my mani from white to pink...with a touch of sunlight! Awesome right??!!!

To create this nail design I used Rimmel's Silver Bullet as a base, then added the stamped design from my brand new giant plate using Colour Clubs Where's the Soiree?. Btw...I am soo in love with this new stamping plate! The images transfer really well and they'r also quite large so fit on my thumbs perfectly =)
To complete the mani, I topped it off with Peek-A-Boo =) In the bottle, Peek-A-Boo looks like a peach colour but when applied onto your nails it's literally transparent! So thats why I used it as a top coat instead of putting it onto my bare nails =)

Ok so those above were what my nails looked like inside the house... now lets take a walk outside in the gorgeous sunshine and watch the magic take effect!! =P

They've turned into a bright berry pink!!! Oh and trust me they were much darker and brighter in real life...my camera just kept deciding to dim the colour lol =S

And now for some comparison pictures =)

My left hand was out in the sunshine and my right hand kept inside the shade. The colour change is really noticeable and its soo cool just watching my nails transform from one colour to a completely different one! And my brother was amazed when I walked out of the house with white nails and then suddenly after short a game of cricket my nails were hot pink?! Lol he couldn't work out how I managed to change them so quickly!! =P

The polish looks amazing in the bottle too! Changing from a peachy colour to a deep orangey/red when in the sun =)

So those were todays nails..... i'm now gonna show you guys a requested giant stamping plate verses bundle monster stamping plate image size comparison. 
This was requested to me by the lovely Rebecca from http://rebeccalikesnails.blogspot.com/ =)

I used Models Own Purple Pearl as the polish to test out with....no particular reason...it was just closest to me lol! 
I stamped on a piece of paper and here are the results:

Ok so the above images are bundle monster and the images below them are form the giant stamping plate. I tried to use matching-ish images to get the best comparison. As you can see the giant plate images are much wider than the BM ones. 

Here i'm showing you guys a picture of a BM hounds tooth pattern next to the giant image plate's zebra pattern which is supposed to be a replica of Konads zebra from their M57 plate. If you guys read my post yesterday, you'l know that I was quite annoyed that the designs on the giant image plate that are similar to Konads M57 plate are super small. This was the only disappointment for me with the giant image plate. So, as you can see here, the zebra is even smaller than bundle monster images! Grrr...

Okies people I'm off to bed now...gotta wake up early tomorrow as i'm off to London to see my baby nephew! Yay!
Hope you liked the nails and Rebecca, I hope this little comparison I did is helpful?? =)



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