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Another go at using good old scotch tape =)

posted by Sara ♥



I had another go at using scotch tape recently and decided to try out the 'shredded mani', as named by Erika from Chloe's Nails =)  Check out her post here which also includes a tutorial: http://chloesnails.blogspot.com/2010/11/shredded-mani.html

This is what mine ended up as:

I really wish that sometimes I had more patience in me...lol I just didn't wait and so when I added my top coat obviously it smudged =( Oh welll...

Lol anyway I used my new BYS polish in Tinkerbell which is a gorgeous salmon pink with a shot of blue sparkle through it =) After placing my tape on my nails I added MUA nail polish in shade one, which is a super shimmery deep black/blue colour =) Then I ripped the tape off and I was left with this awesome pattern!

It looks really edgy but girly too =) For some weird reason I kept doing the 'Gaga Claw' with my hands cos it just er....seemed to go with this nail design =S

Lol so what do you lot think of this design??



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