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Just want you guys to tell me something.....

posted by Sara ♥


Hey everybody =)

A couple of days ago a lovely follower commented on my giveaway post to be entered....and they wrote at the end of the comment...'p.s. the little heart thing on the side is annoying when trying to comment'
She was talking about that little red heart that sparkles on the bottom left hand corner of my page. Here's a screen shot of what my page looks like when I view it and where the heart is:

I found that kind of odd as whenever I look at my page the heart is always well out of the way of any writing and comment box too....however once I did look at my blog on someone else's computer and the heart was overlapping onto the text and was annoying lol.

Soo....I want you guys to tell me.... is the heart on the side bar and out of the way of everything like in the screen shot i've shown....or is it sticking out on top of my posts and being annoying??

I'd love to hear from you so I can do something about it....and if it is kinda in the way i'l just get rid of it.

Sorry about this weird post lol I just need to know why my blog looks one way on my comp yet completely different on someone else's screen!

Thanks peeps =)



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