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Carbooty!!!! =P

posted by Sara ♥


Lol you might have guessed from the title that er i'm pretty excited....about my amazing finds today from a car boot! =)

Today was such a beautiful day and so I decided to spend my day outside and do a little shopping.... but didn't want to be stuck inside a boring shopping center (ok I know shopping centers aren't boring but hey =P) so me, my mum and dad went off to a car boot sale to soak up the sun and enjoy some retail therapy too =) The best part about when your at at boot sale is that you never feel guilty when you buy something lol because everything is always so unbelievably bargain-isious! 

So my mum and dad went off in search for stuff for the home (boring boring boring...) and I went off in search for anything pretty =) 

I was quite lucky and managed to pick up some really cool things that i'm super happy about and can't wait to share with ya'll!

Take a look at the beauties: (Click on the pics to enlarge)

Aren't they all pretty? Here's pictures of each item separately:

That cube like pink and white box contains this awesome bluetooth wireless headset for mobile phones. Its pink! Lol so it matches perfectly with my phone =) I paid only £4.00 for this.

These are a pair of beautiful white pumps decorated with shiny silver mirror like faceted stones and a ribbon bow. The brand is one i've never heard of before, called Emilio Luca X. I've been wanting a decent pair of white flats so these are perfect.....especially at the ridiculous price of just £3.00!!!

I bought these real leather gloves for the winter (which yes I know is faaar away) and I grabbed them now as the price was hard to resist.... just £1.00! Lol I couldn't leave them could I?!

This find was probably my favorite of the day...I've been lusting after this New Look bag for aaages and for some reason just never got round to buying it as I wasn't sure if I'd use it much. It looks like a day bag yet the delicate material and fancy detailing seems like its only for evenings! But....when I saw it at the sale all brand new with the tag still on and handle sealed up, I grabbed it! Good thing too as the lovely woman let me have it for £4.00! =)

I'm super slow with everything..... especially when it comes to movies and books lol and I still havn't finished reading all the Twilight books! Breaking Dawn was the only one that I hadn't read yet and I really couldn't be asked to get it out of a library as its so damn huge! But er I carried it around with me all day today =S Lol anywhoo it was only 50 pence so I bought it =)

When I saw these nail polishes I almost had a heart attack! BYS??!!! I've heard a lot about this brand lately and they'r only available outside the UK and when searching for them on ebay, the cheapest I could find them at was about £11.00 a bottle! So obviously I grabbed these as quickly as I could when I found out the lady was letting all three go for £2.00! Yay! The colours are, in order as shown, Voodoo Violet, Tinkerbell and Pink On The Brink. 
The other little polish at the end is.....(another heart attack moment) FLAKIE!!!!! Lol its Maybelline Colorama top coats in no. 27 and its the second flakie polish I now own! It only cost me 50p!!!

Aaahh just look at it! See in the bottom pic how on the side the flakies are kinda lilac? Super cool right?! I swear the whole car journey home I was sitting there rolling the bottle around in my hands staring at the flakies like a mad woman! =P

This lipgloss was another amazing bargain at just £1.50 and is something that i've wanted for ages! Its a brand new lip gloss that was released not too long ago by Bourjois called Rose Exclusif and its one of those mood colour changing glosses. Goes on clear and turns into a unique shade of pink that depends on the pH of your lips. I've tried it out and its amazing! It doesn't turn into a horrid dark, disgusting colour, but very softly transforms into a pretty pink that suits my skin tone quite well. I'l try and get swatches of it up soon.

Last but not least are these two gorgeous No.7 lipsticks, each £1.50. The golden red shade is called Red Carpet and the one next to it is a peachy pink with golden shimmer called Divine Pink. Both of these now belong to my mum as I gave them to her as soon as bought them =)

I had a great day out today and hope you did too! Did you lot do anything to make the most of the glorious day? Hope you enjoyed this post =) Let me know what you thought of it =)

Oh and before I forget.... I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who answered the question in my previous post =) I was really curious to know and you guys helped me a lot! Since most people told me that the heart was not bothering them at all, I've decided to leave it in its place and not remove it. =)



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