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Maybelline Colorama FLAKIES Swatches =)

posted by Sara ♥


The gorgeous Sarah over at Little Miss Sparkles (http://littlemisssparkles3.blogspot.com/) asked me to swatch my Maybelline Flakies polish that I blogged about yesterday =) So hun this is for you....and everyone else reading too lol =P Enjoy!

I decided to use different base colours to make the most of the flakies and also show how they could look over different polishes. I used Models Own Purple Pearl, Zoya Kristi, Colour Club Where's the Soiree? and Accessorize Electric Blue. And that at the end is the flakie called Sonic Sunset.

Sorry about the messy painting lol I had to run downstairs to start cooking so was doing this as quickly as possible! Anyways up next are these nails plus the gorge flakies =) Btw I'd enlarge the pics to let the flakies properly show off =P

I was slowly lifting my hands upwards so that you can see the gradual colour change effect the flakies make. At the top they'r mostly orange, next they become a mixture of orange and green and then lastly they'r all green =)

Side view =)

So what do you think of this polish? Like flakies? 



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