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Matted Polish + Shiny Polka's

posted by Sara ♥


Ello ello =P

I had no idea what I would do to my nails so decided to settle on doing a matte mani =) But then because I just can't seem to leave my nails plain... I added some polka dots to it =D I tried using topcoat to do the polkas, but they came out soo weird and not shiny at all so I used a metallic black polish instead.

To begin with I painted my nails in Technics Curious Violet:

I love this colour sooo much! Its a dreamy deep aubergine shade with hints of blues and silver shimmer.

Next, I mattified it by using Rimmels Matte Finish topcoat. 

I reckon it looks awesome! In real life the shimmer of the purple polish was still visible so the matte effect looked even better! 

And because I thought it looked boring I decided to add the polkas =) Here's what it ended up like. Btw...I didnt have the camera on me at the time so I had to take these last pics with my phone...so excuse the bad quality please..

I liked this mani but just couldn't bring myself to love it...so I got rid of literally the next day =S 

But what do you lot think of it?? Have you ever tried out doing a shiny pattern over matte polish? 



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