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Crackle polish...a little differently... =P

posted by Sara ♥


This nail art design was inspired again by the amazing LOVE 4 NAILS who is a youtuber and she always has the best nail designs and tutorials =) For those of you who don't know why i'm saying 'inspired again by'... this is the second time i've used one of her tutorials to create my own nail designs.

The first design I made was this one:

Okies so this is what I created today:

The polishes I used for this design were Barry M Berry Ice-cream, Barry M Nail Effects Black Magic, Silver nail art striper from ebay and rhinestones from ebay:

Firstly I began by painting my nails in Barry M's Berry Ice-cream which is the most amazing pastel lilac polish I have ever used! It was perfect in one coat but because I was using crackle polish I did two coats to make sure the polish won't tear apart lol.

Then I cracked out my crackle (er...) polish =P Lol and I swiped it diagonally on one half of my nails. Then I used a silver nail art striper pen from ebay to paint a line on the edge of the black crackle to define it. Next I used silver rhinestones from ebay in round and heart shapes. I arranged these on my nails to make them look like bows. Finally I finished with topcoat and that was that =)

This design was super easy, quick and loads of fun to do =) The video by LOVE 4 NAILS that inspired me to do this nail design can be watched here:

I hope you liked this design and maybe would like to give it a go yourself??



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