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Unicorn Pee version 2.0

posted by Sara ♥


Holla peeps!

I'm so excited to be writing this post right now that I might just pee my pants! Talking of which (lol sorry) feast your eyes on this stunning beauty by Max Factor - yepp, the one and only, Fantasy Fire!

I think there's going to be a LOT of exclamation marks today... I feel the need to over-use them just to express my happiness! - (btw, remember that dreaded presentation I had last week?? Well I scored an A for it! Whoop whoop!) =D
Anyway, onto the pictures!

Every nail addict has heard of the much coveted Unicorn Pee, aka Clarins 230, right?? (If not, get your butt onto Google right this minute and educate yourself!)
Well this particular Max Factor polish caused quite a stir in the bloggosphere when it was released, as its a pretty much spot on dupe for the mega lusted after Clarins!

Safe to say that when I first heard of this I ran out to the shops to grab myself a bottle or twenty, but alas, they were sold out for weeks on end and my dreams of owning this beauty were crushed. Lol, over dramatic much? Anyway, a good while went by and I had almost forgotten all about this magnificent magic potion in a bottle, until I went randomly strolling into Superdrug one day and caught sight of a couple sitting all by themselves on a stand! I snatched them up instantly, screamed a little, happy danced, jazz handed and then walked out with the smuggest grin plastered to my face.

Yepp. I am one happy bunny.

I mean, just look at it!!

I took about a zillion photos of this, and had a great time snapping away too as I discovered an awesome way to photograph this polish and capture all its crazy, colourful awesomeness. Two words - Under. Water.

Those awesome shots I shall show you all next time. Otherwise this post would be way too picture heavy. Also, i'm just evil like that. ;)

Do any of you own the original Unicorn Pee (if so, I promise I won't hate you forever... maybe... =P) or has this one quenched your lustings? If you haven't managed to nab this one, is it on your wishlist? Do you think its special or just hyped up? Let me know!! I love a good ranting! =D



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