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Erm... this is way too late...

posted by Sara ♥


Firstly, Happy Easter to all who are celebrating! =] 

So I feel a little silly posting this today, but what could I do... I only got my mitts on it yesterday!
Apologies though to those of you who might have missed out, as you can't get hold of the magazine anymore since March is practically over now.

Er ok... so um what exactly am I going on about?!


Glamour mag freebies!
I bought 2 magazines to get each product - Percy & Reed hair Volumising No Oil Oil and Finishing Polish.

You get 30ml of product in the No Oil Oil and 100ml in the Finishing Polish, which is decent for only £2 each. 
The full size Finishing Polish retails at £10 for 125ml and the full size Oil retails at £14 for 60ml.

The products themselves are incredible and will last me a very long time as so little is needed each time. They both smell lovely and refreshing and are light products which don't weigh my hair down at all. 
The Finishing Polish is great at smoothing down a finished style and keeping any fly aways at bay, and the No Oil Oil is wonderful before drying as it keeps hair soft and shiny. Both also offer heat protection which is always a plus!
A full demo of each product in use can be found Here and Here.

Did you manage to pick any of these up with the magazines? Or did some other freebie catch your eyes instead?



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