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Wetting my pants - oh no wait, I mean nails...

posted by Sara ♥


As promised, here are the under water photos of that gorgeous polish I showed you all last time - Max Factor's Fantasy Fire. Also called Dragon Pee, by yours truly. 

Onto the snaps!

The first 3 were taken with flash and the last one without. Look at the colours in that last shot!! Like holy moly wow or what?!

I did take completely submerged under water pictures too, but they didn't turn out too nicely so I took these ones instead where I just had my nails under a running tap. Where the water hits the polish, it creates an amazing glow that is just mesmerizing to see in real life! 
I suggest everyone who is currently wearing a duochrome to run to your nearest taps and be amazed! =P

Let me know your thoughts! *hugs*



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