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My Friend Deeja Takes Over and I'v Got Something to Rant about!

posted by Sara ♥


Hiii all!

My amazing friend Deeja came into uni one day rocking these seriously awesome gradient nails so I literally begged her to take photos of them so I could share with all you lot =]

She used Accessorizes Bronze and Topshop's Glimmer to create the gradient by applying both polishes onto a sponge and then dabbing onto the nails. 
I was surprised to learn that she didn't paint a solid base before doing the gradient - this way it seems to be a much easier and quicker process without any excess drying time! I'l definitely try this technique out soon!

Thank you doll for snapping these gorgeous pictures. I love the colours you used and the way you did the gradient =] Don't you think her nails are so cute?!
Deeja doesn't have a blog (yet ;]) which I could forward you all too, but hopefully she'l make one soon and post amazingness onto it about all things beauty!

And on a completely different topic, something I'v been ranting about the past few days:

I tried posting a couple of gift and swap packages the other day through Royal Mail and they refused to send them as they each contained nail polish. I was told that from last Monday they changed their security measures and are now mega strict on the sending-polish-overseas rule. I'm actually really upset by this as it could potentially mean I can't complete a swap i'm in the middle of and also that I cannot do anymore in the future. I feel really bad for the person i'm swapping with too as she has spent money on buying the things I want and then shipping it out to me... and I can't send her stuff in return. 
Now i'm also worried that the her end of the swap may not even reach me, if these security laws have become so tight recently God knows what could happen! =/
Has anyone else had the same problem recently? Has anyone found another shipping company that maybe isn't so uptight about polish??
Please let me know as it could seriously help me out!

Thank you =)



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