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MUA Bronzed Perfection

posted by Sara ♥


This is certainly pretty but not little by any means!

Its huge! Easily the biggest sized compact powder type product in my entire collection =]

The packaging is lovely, sturdy and not cheap looking at all. I especially love the embossed design on the powder, even if I was too afraid of using it at first because I didn't want the design to get messed up! 

The shade of this bronzer isn't dark, orange or muddy at all. Its probably the lightest bronzer I own too. But its not so light that it isn't workable! I only use bronzer for contouring or as a very natural blush when I'm in a hurry, and this works amazingly well for doing both.

However, because it is a lighter shade of bronzer, it probably won't show up much on darker skinned beauties, but for people with fair to medium skin tones this is perfect. I have a light/medium skin tone with yellow undertones and this builds up nicely to the perfect amount of colour I need for natural contouring etc. I think MUA should come out with more shades in this though, its a wonderful formula which would be such a hit with everyone!

Bronzed Perfection is a matte bronzer, which is what I always prefer to buy as personally I find shimmery bronzers really strange to contour with. I think i'd end up looking like a total glitter ball with a shimmery bronzer and sparkly hightlighter put on together!

Overall I love this product a lot and recommend it to everyone looking for a decent bronzer which won't break the bank either! Did I mention this was just £3?! Yes really! I love MUA... seriously they are quickly becoming one of my go to brands with all the amazing products they keep releasing! *Hint hint fur nails - which is what I got my mitts on recently! I'm looking forward to trying them out asap and telling all you lot about it as soon as I do!*

Talk soon =)



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