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Vintage Wallpaper Nails!

posted by Sara ♥


Hey peeps =)

So today I have a pretty nail design to show ya'll....which reminds me of some old wallpaper!! Haha in a good way of course =P

These photos were taken after a day of wear...and it's really weird that the tips are starting to show already but I guess all dark colours do that to me =S Lol anyway I really like the gold/silver toned vines against the dark blue background....gives a modern edge to the would be vintage effect of the design. (Ok I don't even know if what I just wrote actually makes any sense??!!) =P

Anyhoo.... to do this design I used a base colour of 17 Lasting Fix Midnight Sapphire and then stamped over it using MEMEME Metallic Ultra Gloss Pewter:

For the stamping design I used a Bundle Monster plate in BM20: 

Really hope you liked this design =)



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