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Perfume oils.....

posted by Sara ♥


I've been following a wonderful little blog called Nude Obsession (http://nude-obsession.blogspot.com/) And not so long ago came across this post she had done talking about perfumes. So obviously I had to read it....and I found out that she was talking about a website who make perfume oils that have fragrances which match designer perfumes yet at such a low price "it's almost criminal!!" 

Lol so I hopped over to the site, which by the way is: http://www.perfume-parlour.co.uk/ and decided that I really really needed some of the perfumes they were selling =)
These perfume oils may not seem like greatest idea.... but being me and trying not to spend all of my tuition loan money in one go on expensive designer perfumes.....I decided to try out a couple of their bottles. 

So the ones I decided to try out are: Paco Rabanne Lady Million, Vera Wang Princess, Paco Rabanne Black XS, Marc Jacobs Lola and Valentino Rock N' Rose.

Haha don't they all look so delicious and cute!! =P The bottles I purchased are 3ml each....although you can get larger sizes too and also spray bottles. These ones are roller bottles so you apply them to your pulse points etc. It says on each bottle that the fragrance is similar to the real thing. These perfume oils are supposed to last much longer on the skin than usual spray perfumes and these also do not contain alcohol, the main substance which causes perfume to evaporate off the skin in the first place. 

This is Lady Million and it smells very much like the real perfume, although to my nose it seemed a little too strong. However it's still an amazing fragrance and did last the whole day once i applied it to my wrists and neck. 

This Vera Wang Princess had the exact same smell as the actual perfume and lasted soo well.

This version of Black XS also smelt literally the same as the real thing but was rather strong so I needed the smallest amount on my wrists for it to last throughout the day.

Marc Jacobs Lola was the softest smelling perfume out of the lot and it smelled a lot like rose petals, more so than the actual real fragrance. However I could detect similarities between the real perfume and this oil so I still like it a lot. As all the rest, this too lasted beautifully on my skin.

Valentino's Rock N' Rose smelled just like the real fragrance and its staying power was just as good as all the other perfume oils. 

Each oil came packed in its own little pouch like the one above and I find that quite handy as the bottles are so small they could become lost in your bag etc. but with this pouch you'l be able to find it pretty easily. It also makes it look quite sophisticated =P

If your interested, pop over to the site and take a look around =) There are loads and loads of designer perfumes to choose from with names ranging from Chanel to Armani to even Britney. They also have a non-designer range with fragrances such as patchouli, rose, musk etc. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions please leave a comment =) 

Thanks lovelies =)

I was not paid to do this post and all the above are my personal opinions and reviews. 



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