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Glittery Crackly Fun =)

posted by Sara ♥


This mani was sooo much fun to do and super duper easy too =) 

Let's get straight to the pics shall we (Btw...please click on the photos to enlarge so you can see all the glittery goodness in its full glory) =P

The polishes I used were MEMEME Platinum, OPI Shimmer and Simmer, and Barry M Nail Effects :

Okay so now i'm gonna show you the stages, in pictures, of how I created this mani...starting with a base of MEMEME's Platinum polish which is a super shiny silver with micro flecks of glitter:

I know it looks kinda gold in my photos but thats because of the lighting in my room the evening I did this. Anyway after this dried I topped it with a coat of OPI Simmer and Shimmer =) 

Haha I love it! Soo super sparkley and shiny and colourful! And for the fun of it here's a picture of a close-up of the awesome multi coloured glitters:

Doesn't that look pretty?? =)
Next up it was time for the Barry M black crackle which comes out matte:

Look at the difference shiny top coat makes...at the moment its only on my ring finger nail:

Annd noww here's the finished effect:

Cooool huh?! Lol I ♥ it! =) Because these pictures were taken the night I did this mani and the lighting is all odd I took more pics the next day in natural light as it looks better lol =)  Oh and i'd also managed to clean up too! =P

Sorry about the masses of photos lol hope you guys liked this mani =) Tell me what you think of it =D



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