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posted by Sara ♥


I've been dying over getting a flakie nail polish since forever and so when the lovely Rachel sent one to me as part of the swap we did I was sooo happy to finally own one =)

Btw...i'v been really ill lately and some of these pictures might be a little blurry....I just couldn't tell the difference lol! And I haven't managed to clean up either =S 

Anyways this is the mani I created, firstly using Technic's Jet Black as the base. 

Then to this I added the Love and Beauty Light Green flakies:

Eeew bad bad picture lol! But the actual effect I like =)

The flakies don't change in colour much...they do however go brighter or dimmer in different lighting.

After a while I decided to add a matte top coat to it just for fun =) I used Claire's matte top coat and this pic shows the difference it made.

And here's the finished mani:

Then after these pics I was putting the camera away and two of my fingers caught the edge of my shelf and dented it sooo bad! So er....I was too lazy to do those two nails again and um took the whole thing off.... =S


Lol lemme know what you think of this? Is is cool or plain icky?? =P  I really wish that the flakie polish had more flakies in it and less fine green glitter but do you guys like it the way it is??



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