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Yes OPI... You Certainly Do Look Marvelous!!!! =P

posted by Sara ♥


Thanks to that amazing swap I did a little while back I now finally own my very first OPI polishes!!! So obviously I could't wait to use them and the nail design I created a few days ago was with OPI's Lucerine-tainly Look Marvelous =) This polish is seriously beautiful and although you can't always tell but it contains hints of sparkley pink and green shimmers that complement the overall grey/silver tone of the polish.

So anyway here's the nails I did:

This is what I used to make this design:

The stickers are by Perfect 10 and you get three sheets, each with different designs on them. The other two sheets had silver stars and white glittery flowers. The ones I used had pink and white flowers and dragonflies. 

The stickers were sooo easy to use and they stuck on very well to my nails. In fact they were so amazingly sticky that I probably wouldn't have even needed a topcoat and they would have been in no danger of peeling off! Another good thing about these stickers is that they are widely available (in the UK only I think) from drug stores such as Body Care and are quite cheap too =)

So thats my nails.....what did you lovelies think??

Oh and just for the fun of it i'm going to show you my brand new compact mirror that I bought not so long ago from Peacocks....

Haha its so cute right? =P I ♥ cupcakes so when i saw this I just HAD to have it!!! Lol =P

Alright peeps i'm off now to complete a looooong boring assignment for forensic science..... i'l catch you later =)

Byee ♥♥♥


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