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Recently bought rings =)

posted by Sara ♥


Hey guys =)

I ♥ rings...always have and always will =) For some reason I've never liked wearing many in one go and I always wear just one. 
So today I felt like showing you lovelies some of my very recent purchases =)

This is a really cute crystal encrusted panda which I bought from ebay =) It came inside a sweet little gift box so it could be a perfect gift for someone. I love the little pearl its holding....and its eyes make it look soo cute and innocent looking!! =P

This ring was also an ebay purchase. Its obviously not really Chanel lol but I just love it....looks so edgy and stylish =)

I love smily faces!!! This ring makes me all happy when I wear it...and also puts a smile on those who see it! =) This one too was from ebay

This ring is real silver and I bought it from a Japanese woman who was selling lots of oriental goodies at a market stall. Its made from a metal mesh and is flexible, making for really easy storage! 

This is the most recently purchased ring which I bought yesterday! Its a cluster ring with loads of metal ball things hanging off it so looks really cool when worn =) The light shines off it in different directions and even more when the clusters shake about. I bought this from Peacocks.

This ring is also real silver and also purchased from ebay (er yea...i'm an ebay addict!! =P) I don't like snakes but I have a thing for snake shaped jewellery!! This ring just looks simple and edgy =)

So those are the rings which i'v bought recently.....although I have bought two more from ebay....Hong Kong sellers.....so they haven't arrived yet but when they do i'l make sure I put up a post of it =) 

What about you guys...do you love rings?? Which types are your fave? And if any of mine caught your eye and you would like to know which ebay sellers I bought them from just leave a comment and i'l get back to you =)

Thanks for reading =)



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