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Mummy's Prezzie =)

posted by Sara ♥



Mothers Day is almost here and I thought i'd share with you what I decided to buy my mum this year =)
I spent ages and ages thinking about what to get her and couldn't think of anything lol but I stepped into Debenhams and found this little beauty:

Hehe bet your wondering whats inside it??!! Well..... take a look =P

Its this absolutely beautiful multi faceted purple beaded bracelet =) Isn't it pretty? And do you know what makes it even prettier??.... The price tag lol! This awesomeness was reduced down from £25.00 to only £12.50!!!!! Amazing right?! Considering that there's nothing even wrong with the bracelet...like no missing stones or anything! =)

Some more pictures =)

And then afterwards I walked into Superdrug in search of basics when I spotted the fragrance section and wandered over to it. I picked up the tester for Britney Spears Radiance because the bottle looks soooo pretty and when I smelled it I fell in love with it! Lol so just HAD to buy it! Then I decided to give it to my mum along with the bracelet =)

I'l show you pics of the bottle once my mum opens up the packaging lol cos its all sealed up at the moment.

So have you bought anything nice for your mum?? I'd love to know what you decided to get =)



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