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Glittery Fun =]

posted by Sara ♥


Hey all =]
Gosh it's been ages! I'm not going to delve into whats happened these past months as id rather forget about it to be honest.... so let's just pretend this huge break never happened shall we? =)

I am sorry about leaving without saying anything and then reappearing out of nowhere again lol, I wish I didn't have to. Anyway i'm back now and hopefully going to stay =P 

Right then, onto my fave topic... NAILS!

Here's a mani I created yesterday using 17's Sea Breeze, OPI's Simmer and Shimmer and some sellotape =)

I absolutely love these two polishes together, in fact I did a mani using the same two before which I posted here =)

I thought i'd end this post by just thanking all of you who have been so kind to me by messaging me these past months, i'm sorry that I worried any of you. It's you guys that I post on this blog for and your sweet words mean the world to me =] Thank you again.

Oh and this might be just a little late but..... Happy New Year! =P



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