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Its my Birthday!! =O =) =D

posted by Sara ♥


Hello beautiful people!

So sorry again for vanishing - May is just ridiculously crazy for me! 
This is the time of year when everything becomes completely insane and I end up losing more than a brain cell or two. Birthdays and exams and assignments and final year dissertations all rolled up into one month! MADNESS!

Anyway, since its my Birthday today (i'm 21! yay!) I thought i'd take a little bit of a break and catch up with you lot again. =)

Here's my nails as they were painted a while ago... my birthday notd doesn't really exist as my nails are naked at the minute! I honestly haven't had any time recently to do them up properly. After my exams however, I plan on dolling them up with cupcakes, sprinkles, you name it, so i'l show you guys what I come up with soon. 

For now though, please enjoy this random and crazy design which I shall name "the fake birthday notd" =)

Yeah I was feeling a little funky the day I did these =P 

These pictures do no justice to this amazing polish by China Glaze however, as anyone who owns this beauty will realise! Flip Flop Fantasy, in real life, is incredibly neon and eye watering-ly bright. Also its more orange than my pictures depict. Gosh its such an incredible polish and I think everyone should try it out at least once in their lives! You certainly won't regret it! (Quick shout out to the fab Eileen of Lac Lac who got me this beauty!)

It makes my hands look so blooming tan! 

Er yeah, so for the design, I used an ebay striper pen in black and silver to get the leopard design, and then used triangle rhinestones, also from ebay, to fill in the empty nails. To finish off I placed black dots using the striper pen around the rhinestones. And et voila, super easy and eye catching! 

Let me know what you think of my pretend-birthday-nails and what you think of Flip Flop Fantasy. Love or loathe?

I'm off to stuff my face in cake (again) and make the most of today :) Also, just thought i'd let you know, I won't be back on here again until the end of the month as I want to concentrate as best as I possibly can on preparing for my exams. So I guess i'l chat to you all then!

Take care everyone, much love!!



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