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Blogger being weird so um... happy belated birthday nails lol =P

posted by Sara ♥


Hey everyone!

Wow i've missed you guys so much! Its only been a week and a few days but it seemed like forever! =( Lol anyway I promised that I would be back on my birthday, which was yesterday, however blogger was having maintenance issues so I couldn't post anything. 

Anyhoo its back now so yea =) Before I show you my nails here's a couple a' pics of me with my awesome balloon and little cuddly tortoise teddy my brilliant friends gave me lol!

Basically I walked into my uni and met my friends outside the library, where there's a chill out zone with a few sofas and cushions. I started chatting away and kept noticing how my friends constantly kept looking to the side where one sofa had a large pile of cushions placed on it. Kinda odd but what was odder was when I finally decided to properly pay attention to it, I saw a pink envelope with my name over it stuck on top of the pile. I kinda freaked out but went over to it and picked it up, and as I did a cushion fell and suddenly... WOAH... i'm literally smacked in the face by some huge red and silver thing! Lol my friends were actually on the floor peeing themselves laughing! =P  

Aah i'l get them back some day... =P 

I love how in this last pic all you can see is my bro's hairy legs!!! Lol =P 

Right okies, this was the mani which I did =) Its not your typical 'Birthday' mani with cupcakes and candles all over it since I didn't get much time to do any of that, but I still love it =)

I started with a base of No.7's polish called Grey Skies. Its a beautiful deep grey creme polish that dries soooo fast its crazy lol! This was perfection in two coats =)

Then over this I did some stamping using my giant stamping plate with a design thats very similar to a Konad one from their m60 plate. I used MEMEME's polish in Pewter:

So what do you think of this design? Btw, did anyone else have issues with Blogger recently?

Before I go I just want to say a huge THANK YOU  to all my beautiful followers and readers =) It makes me so happy and means so much to me that you lovelies like reading through my little blog! =) So here's a pic I took specially for you guys:



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