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Holographic Glitter?! Yes Please!

posted by Sara ♥


I'v been wanting a holographic glitter polish for absolutely ages but never actually got round to buying one. The one I had been lusting after is by Models Own called Juicy Jules. I don't know why I didn't just pick it up every time I drooled over it in Boots... but now I know why...

I already had a similar polish at home! "Really? I didn't know that!" Well by similar I mean the polish is holographic and glittery.... but its not really practical =S "Er what are you on about??" Its a cheapo ebay one that comes with a striper brush. "Oh..." 
But I have an idea to make it into a proper polish!

Lol okay enough with talking to myself! =P I'm going to take you guys through my mani and later on you'l see what my brilliant (or at least I think so =P) idea was =)

Firstly I started off by painting my nails in a solid silver colour by MEMEME called Platinum. This was one coat of polish =)

Now comes my um... super idea =P I took the ebay striper polish and an empty random bottle of polish. And I swapped their brushes around! Genius huh?! (Or maybe your reading this and just laughing at me....) =P

Here's the empty random with a normal brush in it. (Yes I took these pics after I'd done my mani thats why you can see glitter all over the brush) =]

And here's a pic of the the striper brush out of the bottle of the ebay polish.

Now the striper is inside the empty random bottle so that it doesn't dry out and become unusable

And this is the normal brush from the empty bottle that I used to apply the ebay holo glitter polish with =)

Right so here's what my nails looked like after adding one coat of the glittery goodness to them =]

There wasn't any sun at all so the holo wouldn't show up on my camera but trust me it was so much better and sparkley in real life!

And then being me I obviously had to do something more.... so I stamped a necklace design from my giant stamping plate onto my thumb and ring finger nails using Colour Clubs Where's the Soiree and added a rhinestone too like so:

Here's the polishes I used altogether to create this mani:

I hope you liked what I did =) And have any of you also tried using these striper polishes as regular polishes?? Or am I the only freak out here who wants to do that?! =P



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