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I won a giveaway!!! =D Woo! =P And my bloody nails =)

posted by Sara ♥


Hey everyone!!! Hope you're all doing well? =)

I was ecstatic when I found out a few weeks ago that I had won the fab Jen from A Beauty Junkie In London's awesome Witch Skincare Facebook giveaway!!!  Aaah it's my first ever blog giveaway I'v ever won!!! =D

The competition was to name each product in Witch Skincare's brand new cosmetics line. I'm guessing I must have gotten it right =P lol!

The prize was amazing as I got to choose myself what products I wanted... 2 of them being from Witch's skincare line and 2 from their cosmetics line =) 

When the postman arrived today I was literally jumping around with excitement lol! Once i'd calmed down slightly I took these pics =)

I chose the Witch Blemish Pen, Witch Redness Reducing Primer, Witch Oil Control Face Wash and Witch Tinted Moisturiser in shade 02 Medium =)

Here's some close-ups of each product:

I'v tried out the face wash and both moisturisers already and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE them all! 
I was really interested in the Redness Reducing Moisturiser as I saw it in the shops once and decided to smell it (er yea...) and when I opened it I was surprised at how it was green! Then after a little research I realised that green is used in cosmetics to cancel out redness =) Awesome right?! 
Here's swatches of both moisturisers:

Its sooo green! Lol but it blends very easily and the green disappears yet still manages to get rid of all those nasty red areas! One thing though... it smells a little.... funky =P 

I love this! Its perfect for my skin tone and is so lightweight =) Its also oil free which is always a plus!

I'm really happy with everything I chose =) Thank you Jen and Holly from Witch Skincare!!!

Ay't I think its time for some nails now? =P I'm sorry that there's no nail art today... I had like no time at all.... I was frantically trying to finish off an assignment =(

Oh and if you read the title I wrote bloody nails... well thats because this polish reminds of the colour of blood lol =P My camera however has not captured its true colour so it looks bright berry red here.... but I tell you its not!

The polish I used is 17's Fast Finish in Ruby Dazzle =)

This polish is a beautiful jelly with loads of gold shimmers that were wayy more visible in real life. It took two coats for perfection =)

Look at the amazing golden micro-flakie shimmers in the bottle!

Ohkay people I think I'v bombarded you with enough pictures today lol so I'm off, back to booorrring revision again =(

Take care everyone! 



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