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Electric Flakies =]

posted by Sara ♥


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Hey all =)

Today I have for you a super layered combo including flakies!!! Lol let's get straight to it shall we? =P

First off I painted my nails in Accessorize's Electric Blue which is an amazing glass-flecked polish that in real life glows a bright blue with hints of purple flashing throughout =)

Awesome colour right?! I'm officially in love with it =) 
Next I layered this with my Maybelline Colorama flakies in Sonic Sunset. Here's the result of that:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE flakies!!!! Hehe and here's a cute lil gif I made showing the colour change effect the flakies have =) Enjoy!

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                                                                      Create avatar

So I could have left this mani as it is... but being me I had to do a little something else to it... so I added a matte topcoat =) Here I used Rimmels Lycra Pro Matte Finish:

I reckon that the flakies 'pop' more when mattified lol =P 
Then cos I felt like it... I made another gif =) Aah these are sooo easy to make and so fun! Lol so here's the colour change seen once the mani was mattified and completed:

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                                                                       Make a gif

My eyes are hurting now. Been staring at this for wayyy too long =S 

Hope you likey =) 



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