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Never enough crack in ma system.... =P

posted by Sara ♥


Hey beautiful people =)

Excuse the stupid title lol I'm just in a bit of a funky mood today! I had my first exam this morning and i'm just so glad that it's over! =D Got two more to go but theres a few days to go till then...so imma chill today =P

Anyways... I can't wait to show you all this mani that I did which i'm totally in ♥ with =) It was actually hilarious, I opened up blogger and THIS wonderful blog which I follow had up a design soo very similar to mine... but I did this mani like ages ago so I just thought it was funny! I love her design also though =) 

Oh I think i'l also let you guys know that I'v now started adding watermarks to all my pictures due to an incident where sellers on ebay started stealing my pictures and used them to sell their stuff =S I hope it doesn't ruin the picture, but if you think I should somehow make it different please let me know =) 

Okies so firstly I started with a base of 17's Sherbet Lemon which took two coats to get even. Then I took a single strip of scotch tape, cut thinly, and placed it down the middle of my nail. I then used China Glaze's For Audrey and Rimmel's Pop Rose to paint down the sides of my nails that were not covered by the tape. Then working quickly I removed the tape and topped off with topcoat. This was the result of my mani so far:

These pictures were taken in the evening under artificial light. I went to bed after leaving my like this! Next morning I decided to funk it up a bit so added my crackle!

For some reason I thought the design looked better from far away so I took this picture to show just that =) See what I mean? No....? =P

These are the polishes I used for this mani:

Okies lovelies thats all for today =) I'm off now to go and watch some TV.... something I haven't done in what seems like months! =S




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