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posted by Sara ♥


Lately i'v been running out of time to do anything other than have my face stuck into Forensic Science books =S I have my exams coming up soon and as much as I love doing my nails, they'r the last thing on my mind. Also, I think i'l add here that my posts will become less frequent this month, once a week maybe, due to the exams. 

So since I really didn't have enough time for fancy nail art I wanted to paint my nails with a polish so interesting on its own that I wouldn't mind leaving it plain =)
Hmm... does a polish like that exist?! Well yes it certainly does... and it comes in the form of Accessorize Aztec:

Aah isn't it a beauty??!! Just look at all the pretty colours in that bottle! Here's what it looks like painted on ma nails:

The polish is actually kind of sheer when you paint on the 1st coat but after 3 coats its perfect. My ring finger seems kinds bubbly but I think that may be the fact that I decided to use a really really old top coat to see if it still works! Guess that would be a no it doesn't! =P

Aztec is awesome and under different lighting it will react differently and change colour accordingly. Here's some pictures showing the colour change as I move my hand at an upwards angle:

See how it turns from a deep purple shade to a funky golden green? I could stare at my nails all day long.... =P

Okies peeps that all from me for today. I don't know when I'l next chat to you... maybe on my Birthday which is on the 12th of this month =) 
Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great week! Until next time, bye lovelies!!!



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