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Holographic Rose

posted by Sara ♥


Super quick post tonight, I got back from London just a short while ago and can't believe how tired I am! All I did was visit my cousin and eat way too much... must be getting old and lazy lol =P

Anyway here's a picture of me wearing Milani's Hi-Res, one of the prettiest lilac holographic polishes ever, stamped with MUA's black. I can't even remember when I did this design... must have been earlier this year!

I'v only got one picture... a not so pretty picture either since there's a lot of tip wear as i'd been sporting the mani for a good few days. 

My camera decided to eat all the other pictures I had and this is the only one which survived. Oh well...

What do you think of this stamping design? Have any of you got Milani's holo polishes??

Thanks for reading, talk soon =)



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