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Lip Balm Domes by The Body Shop

posted by Sara ♥


EOS lip balms have always been on my wishlist. Living in England it's difficult for me to get my hands on them and I refuse to buy them online as they'r so stupidly expensive when I know they retail for just a few dollars in the US. If I ever do another swap with someone living there, I'l be asking for a few of those egg shaped pretties to be added to my package!

But for now, my craving for dome shaped lippy has been quenched by the release of these amazing Body Shop festive lip balms. They'r a similar style to the EOS ones, only the inner balm though, as the outer package is much smaller and mushroom shaped. These ones also contain shimmer, which I don't think the EOS one's do.

Altogether there are 3 flavors in the Body Shop balms, and I hauled each one. How could I not with a 3 for 2 going on?!
Lol so the flavors are festive season inspired and I believe these are limited edition. Damn it. They must release more during the future, as these have proved to be quite a hit down here! Two of the flavors had sold out within a few days of them hitting my BS branch.

From left to right - Cranberry Joy, Vanilla Bliss and Ginger Sparkle.

All of these provide comfortable moisture but do need to be applied often as they wear off... or in my case, I accidentally lick them off since they taste and smell divine!
Talking of which, the fragrances of each are heavenly! Even if you don't wish to buy these, go and smell them!! Seriously, they'r just incredible. They are quite strong so if you'r sensitive to smells then you might not like them, but I love catching a whiff of it every now and then whilst its on my lips.

I adore these balms and even though the pigmentation isn't that great, I don't mind as its a lip balm after all. They'r so easy to throw into my bag and apply easily wherever and whenever. Its also great surprising everyone around me then I whip one out to use; a real conversation starter as everyone wants to look at it and see what it is!

Any of you lovelies tried these out? What do you think of them? And what about the EOS ones, should I be lusting after them??



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