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Red Attraction

posted by Sara ♥

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*Yepp, i'm still away! Right now I'm probably eating something mega unhealthy from an amazing takeaways near my cousins house. He's so lucky to live so close to it, but then again maybe its for the best that I live an entire countries length away, as i'd be there every day if I was anywhere near it! I should be coming back tomorrow, so will hopefully talk to you live once I get home =) Anyway, I really hope that you'l enjoy today's post =]*

I'm not normally attracted to red polishes. As beautiful as they look when worn I hardly ever reach out for a crimson shade when deciding on what colour to put on. I end up skipping over to my blues and blacks!

But this gorgeous rosy shade by Barry M is an unusual tone of reddish pink, and along with its magical magnetic performance, its a polish I would turn to again and again.

I absolutely love it!

Also, this is just one coat!! Yes, really! Gosh I adore this polish so much. Its magnet was super easy to work with and created those pretty stripes with minimal effort. Simply perfect.

Have you tried magnetic polishes? How do you like them?


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