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The Body Shop - Hemp Hand Protector

posted by Sara ♥


In my last post I said I would review the two hand creams I showed from The Body Shop, and the first one I shall be talking about is the Hemp Hand Protector for very dry skin.

During the winter I get extremely dry skin on my hands, from all the cold wind outside and radiator heating inside. I used to use thick body butters and creams on my hands to heal them, but they'v always been on the gloopy side and are extremely greasy. Not good for when I need to do things like type on my laptop, prepare food for cooking or other jobs which require "clean" hands that aren't slathered in thick lotions and potions!

Ever since getting myself this hemp hand protector, I can easily do all the things I need to without my hands feeling like they'r coated in anything greasy and heavy. This absorbs quickly and the best part is that even though it completely soaks into the skin, it doesn't feel like it hasn't healed my skin. My skin feels smooth, soft, and completely refined without a sticky feeling.

The effects of this cream last a good while too, even after washing my hands. The hand cream is water resistant so will continue protecting my hands for hours after application.

Its quite a thick lotion but it spreads easily and absorbs like a dream. It's a very pale green shade which seems fitting with the tube packaging!

So I absolutely love this cream, however it does have a few things I dislike about it.
Firstly, the packaging. This cream is not travel safe at all! I wouldn't even dare put this in my bag - the way my poor bag gets battered throughout the day, this would not last safely even five minutes! The foil tube is prone to getting pierced easily and even bending so out of proportion that it could tear. Not good at all i'm afraid.
Secondly is the smell of this cream. Its not that bad, but its a smell I'm not particularly fond of. Its just, meh. =P It does seem to last which is bothersome but as I use this cream at night mostly, it doesn't affect me too much. 

Have you ever tried this cream out? There are some rave reviews on it out there, which is what prompted me to buy it in the first place =] Luckily it does live up to the high claims!



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