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Sprinkle a Little Sparkle Over it...

posted by Sara ♥


You know what i'm in the mood for right now?? 

Fairy Cakes.

Yupp, pretty little, covered-in-edible-sparkly-glitter fairy cakes. =)

But I don't have any. How sad... 

So that's why seeing these pictures hidden away deep in my camera's memory card brought a smile to face. They'v satisfied my lusting for sparkly sweet sugar coated prettiness!

Eeeeee isn't it just gorgeous??!
Don't stare at it too long though, the blurred out picture along with that crazy holo will guarantee major head spinning!

To achieve this eye catching, mouth watering, holo tastic look, I layered a coat of Mavala's Pure Diamond over MeMeMe's Platinum.

Thanks for looking!

Btw, Merry Christmas to all those celebrating! Have a beautiful day =)

Much love, from moi



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