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Well I completely suck.

Seriously though.

First of all, how is everyone??? I just logged on and saw the whole layout of blogger is completely different to how I remember it! Did this change happen just recently or has it been this way for a while?

Gosh I’ve missed doing this so much.

Not a day went by this past year (yes, it really has been literally that long!) that I’ve not thought about starting to blog again. But every time I thought “right, today’s the day!” something would happen and stop me right in my tracks. 

An absolute ton-load has happened, and without delving into super personal stuff and boring you all to death, let’s just say this year has been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster for me. From doing my university exams to dealing with my father having a heart attack, to passing my driving test a day before my theory expired to finding out someone very close to me has cancer. Yupp, all of that in that exact order, plus much more happening in between.

Everything added up into me becoming a complete mess. I neglected my nails for months and would have them painted in just a coat of sheer pink or leave them as be. All my nail art kits were forgotten about and every other blogger I looked to for inspiration became a distant memory. 
Ok so that does sound super melodramatic but it’s the truth. Because I just didn’t care for my polishes anymore I felt like I had no reason to blog. I didn’t care because I was going through so much, had zero time for anything, was stressed about a lot and just needed some space where I was only surrounded by my family and close friends. 

Which is exactly what I did. And now that things are settling and I’m getting the hang of feeling happiness again, I’m ready to bring it. *jazz hands* =P

I named this post rebirth because for me it feels like I’m starting all over again, from the very beginning. Also I want my blog not to be about just nail polish; it wasn’t ever meant to be about just polish but somehow that’s the direction it took. I named it Pretty Little Things because I wanted to share with everyone every pretty little thing I came across! Somehow that didn’t happen but it definitely will now. 
I’m planning on vamping up my entire blog, reincarnating it =P Some of the things seem so childish and immature now, like that silly little list on the side =P I’m going to need a little help with it all though, so if anyone could give me suggestions on how to make my page look better, please do! =]

Right then, so yes I’m officially back and hopefully with this new direction I want to take with my blog, I can post a lot more often and not have to wait until the next time I paint my nails =P 

Thank you to everyone who kept in touch with me and to everyone who messaged me asking about me, I love you all and your kind words mean the entire world to me. Thank you again, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading posts from the “new me”. 

Talking of which, today is a pretty damn special day – 12/12/12. We’re never going to experience a day like this again and I hope it’s filled with good luck and blessings for everyone =] It certainly is getting off to a wonderful start for me! ;)

Oh and yes, lol that is me in the picture above =P



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