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The Body Shop - Wild Rose Hand Cream

posted by Sara ♥


Today I'm doing a review on The Body Shop's Wild Rose Hand Cream with SPF 15.

This cream is my essential every day hand lotion. Normally i'm really lazy about spf and mostly only apply it to my face but forget - actually, more like I can't be bothered - to put it on anywhere else.
My hands are probably the most neglected when it comes to spf. So having a hand cream already loaded with it is brilliant and saves so much hassle! On the tube it claims to prevent brown spots (sun damage pigmentation marks) and I believe it certainly will. A higher spf might be better for countries which experience extreme sunshine but for lil old England where the sun rarely visits I reckon its more than fine!

Apart from just spf, this cream also has a delicate rose fragrance, which to me is absolutely amazing. It smells gorgeous and the smell lasts throughout the day on me. I love it, but if you don't like rose fragranced products stay well away! =P

This cream is a lot thinner in consistency than the Hemp one and so has a tendency to run out of the tube! Not a huge problem, though I just thought you should be aware of it =]
The colour of this cream is pale pink, which looks nice and as i'v mentioned before, has a gorgeous fragrance. 

The Wild Rose hand cream goes on easily, absorbs very quickly and makes my hands feel pleasantly soft and smooth. It doesn't last as long as the Hemp one does on my skin, but that's understandable since it's not a thick cream. It does however keep my hands baby soft all day long, because the effects last throughout the day.

Overall, i'm smitten with this cream and I think everyone should give it a go. Its perfect for everyday and will last a long, long time too.

Let me know what you guys think of it, if you'v tried it out =)



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