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Giant Stamping Plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Sara ♥


I'm sooo excited to be sharing with you all this super amazing find which seemed too good to be true!! 

Its a GIANT konad-esque stamping nail art plate!!! =)

Now for the too good to be true part..... It cost less than twenty quid!!! =O Plus free shipping!!! =O =O =O

Ok people... I need to breathe lol! 
For those of you who don't know why i'm dying over this....its because basically a real Konad giant stamping plate will cost you about £109 (http://www.blushcosmetics.com/nail-art/prod_3832.html). Although that is for real Konad, so expensive is expected,  however, a Fauxnad giant image plate will still cost you a lot... around £75 (http://www.moyou.co.uk/index.php/nail-art-decoration-sets/nail-art-design-image-plates-b.html

So er.... how on earth did I manage to get my hands on a giant plate for about £18??!!! 

Well, you may or may not have heard of the site DH Gate, which is a Chinese wholesale website. They sell awesome things such as make-up (famous and expensive brands too), electronics, and um anything else you can think of, for dirt cheap prices. Most of the time though they sell items in huge bundles and so the price of one thing, eg. a MAC lipstick, could be about 50 pence, but you must buy the whole lot of say, 100 lipsticks, and pay the big bundle price in order to get it for that cheap price. 
So it's not ideal for simple internet shopping lol! 

But....I was surprised when I stumbled across a seller on DH Gate selling this giant image plate as a single item and not a lot! At first I was wary of buying it since the seller was brand new and did not have any feedback at all... but eventually after days of thinking it over I decided that I really really wanted it and so went ahead and bought it =)

And damn i'm so glad I did!!! =P

For the price I paid I wouldn't have minded if it came bent and unusable (which mind you it didn't!) It was extremely well packaged and arrived quickly. 

These are pictures that I tried to take of it. It was sooo difficult trying to capture a decent photo since its like a giant mirror and kept reflecting things off it making it impossible to see the patterns! (Please enlarge images to view in detail)

The plate was sealed with a blue film which has to be peeled off before use. The metal image plate is also glued onto a dark blue plastic board which makes it easier to handle and avoid cutting yourself as it has rounded corners. 

And here's the plate in full, again =)

These were my attempts at trying to capture close-ups of the fabulous designs on this plate =) Most of the patterns are exactly like ones that Konad produces so its amazing that I can get Konad designs without the hefty price tag!

Overall I am over the moon with this purchase and would definitely recommend this plate to everybody =)
The only negative thing that I can say about this image plate is that my fave Konad plate, M57, the one with the zebra, leopard and net design, is featured on this giant plate, however its wayyy too small!! ='(  It's smaller than the Bundle Monster designs so it'l never ever fit on my nails! the leopard print I can kind of deal with, by double stamping, but the zebra print is a waste =(

Anyway thats the only negative I have and i'm still very happy with this plate =) I can't wait to play around with it and create new mani's =)

If you're interested in purchasing this plate, you can do so over here: http://www.dhgate.com/new-large-big-size-221-fashion-designs-diy/p-ff8080812e32cf1f012e5d4159375bce.html

What do you guys think? Amazing product or can you recommend something even better??

I was not paid to review this product and neither was I given it for review. This product was purchased by me and my honest views are expressed. 



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